10 Tips For Organizing Your Car

If you spend 20 minutes clearing clutter out of your auto before taking it to the car wash, it’s high time to set up an organizing system.  This is especially important if you display advertising on your car – A messy car will leave a lasting impression on your clients that your work will also be messy.
•  Keep loose items (umbrella, emergency road kit and first aid kit) from rolling around in your trunk with a cargo organizer, plastic bins or boxes;
•  Keep your files and paperwork organized with Hanging File Storage boxes; [IN] Place System File Tote (both available at www.OfficeMax.com); High Road Front Seat Organizer or High Road Driver Organizer (Both available at www.Target.com);

•  If your office is in your car, the Auto Exec File Master Mobile Desk provides a variety of storage and work surface solutions from www.autoanything.com;

•  Place business cards and literature gathered at networking events in a Poly Zip Envelope until you have a chance to sort through them (www.officemax.com);

•  If you are a member of a networking group, keep a 3 ring binder with Business Card Pages and Sheet Protectors for product literature in your car at all times (all available at www.officemax.com);
•  Keep coupons and gift certificates in a Two Pocket Poly Folder from www.officemax.com.  Slide this in between the seat and the center console;

•  Keep everything in one place when traveling with kids with a Family Car Organizer from www.Chelseasroom.com;

•  At the end of the day, remove items gathered that day and replace them with items needed for the next day.

•  Keep an Auto Litterbag in the car and discard items daily.

•  Keep your car smelling fresh by placing a scented dryer sheet under the passenger seat.  If you have allergies, there are a variety of Air Purifiers and ionzers on the market to keep scents at bay.

I mentioned specific websites so you can easily view the items I am referring to.  Google “car organizers” to shop around for the best price and for items that suit your specific needs.

For more info, visit out website at www.SassySpacesInc.com or send Jeni an e-mail at SassySpacesInc@sbcglobal.net


About sassyspacesinc

Sassy Spaces takes you from mess to success with a unique blend of Professional Organizing and Interior Re-Design services. We clear the clutter and add creative elements for a functional, as well as a beautiful space for work or play. We help our clients save time and money and decrease their frustration while increasing their productivity. We also provide QuickBooks training and assistance for small business owners. For more information, please visit our website at http://www.SassySpacesInc.com.
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