Spring Cleaning

It is so much more than deep cleaning your home or office – It’s a great time to clear the clutter, set up organizing systems and add some pizzazz.


● Critique everything in your home or office – clothes, artwork, accessories, furnishings, etc.,: 

–  If you no longer use it, can it be re-purposed? 

–  If it’s broken, get a repair estimate. 

–  Donate unused artwork, furniture, clothing, books, CD’s and DVD’s. 

–  If it stirs up bad memories, donate it.  We choose to spend time with supportive, caring friends – why surround yourself with “stuff” that doesn’t serve you well? 


● Switch furniture, artwork and accessories from one room to another for a fresh new look: 

–  Group like items or collections together for more impact.  

–  An old dresser or table can serve as a buffet in the dining room or mail central in the front hall.


● Re-purpose furnishings:

–  Convert the armoire that held your old TV into a bar, china cabinet or bookshelf with the addition of shelves (keyword search “armoire” at www.DIYnetwork.com for instructions and additional ideas);

–  Give new life to worn furniture with a light sanding and a fresh coat of paint or stain;

–  Create a quiet reading nook with an old chair.  Cover it with a furniture cover or a carefully placed throw to cover the wear and tear; place a plant stand next to the chair to hold a beverage; Update an old brass lamp by painting it with a nickel or aged bronze finish.


● Don’t forget the storage areas:

–  Use color coded plastic bins instead of boxes in your attic, basement and storage sheds (red for Christmas, Orange for Halloween, etc.).  Mold grows very quickly in wet boxes and flimsy boxes don’t protect delicate items.

–  If your bins are not color coded, tape a large sheet of paper listing the contents on the bin (packing tape works best).  Create sections for holiday and / or seasonal items.

–  If your storage area is too small, install inexpensive shelving to take advantage of the entire space from the floor to the ceiling (keep heavier items on the bottom shelves.)  If it’s still too small – are you holding onto too many things?


● Freshen up the walls:

–  An accent wall or a fresh color on all the walls can resuscitate a boring room.  Preview paint colors at www.BenjaminMoore.com.  Click on the Personal Color Viewer, select a room and paint the walls with color selections from the fan deck on the right side of the page. You can also download a picture of your room and paint the walls – it’s a little more complicated and time-consuming, but well worth the effort.


Need help organizing the remaining “stuff”?  See my other posts on organizing – reading materials, kids clutter, mail, home and commercial offices, filing systems, etc..



About sassyspacesinc

Sassy Spaces takes you from mess to success with a unique blend of Professional Organizing and Interior Re-Design services. We clear the clutter and add creative elements for a functional, as well as a beautiful space for work or play. We help our clients save time and money and decrease their frustration while increasing their productivity. We also provide QuickBooks training and assistance for small business owners. For more information, please visit our website at http://www.SassySpacesInc.com.
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