Home Office Organizing and Design

When the client moved into this house, this room was a children’s bedroom, but needed to become a home office.  She fell in love with a desk and bookshelves in a catalog for $3,000.  I recommended this similar ensemble for $800 from IKEA.  I was her new best friend!  The two work stations offer each employee plenty of room to spread out.

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The total room makeover was just under $1,100.  Here’s a breakdown of the new design:

● Stripped the wallpaper and painted the walls Cinnamon (Benjamin Moore Color #2174-20).  The client painted the room herself to stay within her budget;

● New desks and bookshelves from IKEA – $800.00;

● The filing cabinets under the desks were on clearance at Office Max for $40.00 each.  IKEA cabinets that matched the desk would have been over $100.00 each;

● Magnetic wall pockets are mounted to the side of the filing cabinets to keep current client files and paperwork within easy reach (available at any office supply store);

● Cord concealers mounted under the desk keep the spaghetti bowl of wires under control (available at any office supply store);

● A reading basket keeps clutter off the desk;

● Baskets on the lower shelves of the bookcase organize a variety of small items (available at IKEA);

● The area rug was on clearance at Home Depot;

● The curtains, artwork and lamps were purchased at local stores.


To keep this clean look, we set up filing cabinets in the closet for files that are not reviewed frequently. 

● Archived files are in the boxes to the left;

● Magazines are stored in magazine cases from IKEA;

● Shoeboxes and plastic bins keep office supplies in order on top of the filing cabinets. 


The Lion head was the inspiration piece for the room.  We borrowed some artwork from other rooms and recommended that the client visit garden shops for additional items.  She spray painted teal picture frames from the 80’s to match the new décor to frame greeting cards and calendar pages.  


You could create a similar look for even less if you purchased laminate counters from a home improvement store.  Secure them to the wall with L-brackets and place filing cabinets at strategic locations to create a sturdy work surface.  


About sassyspacesinc

Sassy Spaces takes you from mess to success with a unique blend of Professional Organizing and Interior Re-Design services. We clear the clutter and add creative elements for a functional, as well as a beautiful space for work or play. We help our clients save time and money and decrease their frustration while increasing their productivity. We also provide QuickBooks training and assistance for small business owners. For more information, please visit our website at http://www.SassySpacesInc.com.
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