Stay Staging (Home Staging when you do not need to move)

After a few minutes of talking with a new Home Staging client, it became very clear that she did not want to move to another house.  Her husband was convinced that their home was too small for their family with two small boys and the possibility of a third child.  The basement, which was intended to be a play area for the boys, became a dumping ground for unused items over the years.  The bedrooms and closets were overflowing with unused toys, clothing the boys had outgrown, and pictures that were never hung.

Working with a very tight budget, we devised a plan to ready the home for the market in a year or so.  To save money, my client shopped for all of the items herself after I provided ideas of what to purchase and where to find the best deals.  Her husband and friend are do-it-yourselfers, so they saved a lot of money on the projects.  Here’s the list of projects completed (My consultation and hands-on assistance only added up to 10 hours):

•     replace the worn wood laminate floors;

•     repair the walls (from too much tussling by the boys) and paint the entire first floor and hallway in a neutral yet pleasing palette;

•     replace worn-out furniture with leather chairs and couches and changed the layout to accommodate more guests in the living room;

•     install cabinetry in the laundry room for storage, a folding station and a drying rack;

•     Install a bookshelf in the kitchen for children’s books, recipe books and mail central;

•     Install an island in the kitchen for more storage, prep area and a breakfast bar;

•     Remove an unused bar in the basement and replace it with a storage closet with wire shelving for toys, games, books, DVD’s and CD’s;

•     Install wire shelving in the furnace room for holiday storage;

•     Store outgrown children’s clothing and unused toys in plastic bins under the staircase (for a future 3rd child – in case it was another boy);

•     Found a new home for a foosball table and an oversized couch that wasn’t worth the space it ate up in the basement;

•     Hung pictures on the blank walls and installed curtain rods and curtains on all the windows.

Once the bedrooms and closets were no longer “storage units”, and the basement was clutter free, we moved most of the children’s toys, bookshelves and games into the basement and their respective rooms.  Suddenly, the living room appeared to be twice the size!  We also added storage ottomans in the living room for random children’s toys and games.

When the project was complete, my client and her husband could not believe how much space they actually had in their home.  The husband is no longer convinced that they need to move, even if a third bundle of joy is added to their family.

Testimonial:  Jeni, Yesterday was a wonderful day of accomplishments!  Thank you so much for your creative, effective, and affordable service.  And, thanks for rolling with the punches.  My husband did get the curtain rod up and one of my boys slept this morning until 8:45am!  It was a miracle.  They were both so excited about their rooms that when they did wake up this morning, they each spent almost thirty minutes in their rooms playing peacefully by themselves.  I sat and ENJOYED a full, warm (the whole time) cup of coffee.  Thank you for working with me to give me such a gift.  Bridgette C.

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