Planning a Re-Design Project

I’m an avid gardener, and approach Interior Re-Design like I do with planning a garden.  You need to get rid of the weeds and give each plant enough room to grow and shine on it’s own.

Before you plan a re-design project, write down all the functions the room needs to serve.  For many people, a Great Room needs to accommodate a play area for the kids, comfortable seating for TV viewing, coffee and end tables for snacks and beverages, storage areas for DVD’s CD’s and sometimes a home office and/or a guest bedroom.  That’s a lot of functions for one room! 

If you don’t designate an area for each task, you’ll spend countless hours tidying up the room.  The most beautiful décor will not shine through mounds of clutter.  Your solution may lie in unused or underutilized areas of your home.  If you clean out an overstuffed closet in the front hallway, it could provide storage for your DVD’s or toys instead of purchasing a storage unit. 

If you still need a storage unit, think of future growth before purchasing one.  A constantly expanding DVD collection will spill over onto the floor if you buy something inadequate for your needs.  Consider some of these multi-functional storage devices: 

● Ottomans provide additional seating and hidden storage in just about any room – the foot of the bed, a children’s room or home office.  Most have lids for concealed storage and come in a variety of colors and materials.

● Shelving doesn’t have to be boring, mix and match colors, depths and heights to add more interest.  A few baskets keep loose items in order on open shelving.  If you prefer a cleaner look, choose a unit with doors to conceal all your “stuff”. 

● Re-purpose an armoire for your home office or paperwork central. 

● Choose a coffee table with drawers or baskets to keep clutter under cover.

● Decorative boxes on the coffee table keep remote controls and miscellaneous items in order.

Next, honestly assess the items in your home.  If you do not love something, if it is broken, or no longer serves a purpose, it may be time to re-purpose the item or let it go.  On the other hand, if a cherished item is lying in a closet because it needs to be repaired, bring it out, dust it off and display it in your home.  Even a broken clock is right twice a day!

If a room or house full of sentimental items in boxes is an issue for you, consider these options:  1) Take pictures of the items and display the photo, leaving room for your absolute favorites; 2) If you have too much “stuff” and it all clashes with each other, consider seasonal decorating.  A well-designed home is clutter free, and the items complement each other in a pleasing palette.  Is your home a sanctuary or something you want to run away from?

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Sassy Spaces takes you from mess to success with a unique blend of Professional Organizing and Interior Re-Design services. We clear the clutter and add creative elements for a functional, as well as a beautiful space for work or play. We help our clients save time and money and decrease their frustration while increasing their productivity. We also provide QuickBooks training and assistance for small business owners. For more information, please visit our website at
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