Dull Décor to Dining Room Delight!

Is your décor boring and dull?  Does your home appear cluttered because of too many collections?  Are you frustrated because you can’t achieve a cohesive look with a room full of mismatched furniture and artwork?  My latest project incorporates a diverse collection of furniture, artwork and accessories.  We brought this room to life by painting the walls a vivid color, editing the clutter to showcase prized possessions and switching furniture from one room to another.

I do not have “before” pictures of this project, because the painters’ had everything in the middle of the room and under tarps when I arrived.  The client chose this color before I started the project (it used to be off-white). 

This dining room hadn’t been used in years – it was a storage room for craft supplies, photos, picture frames, paperwork and miscellaneous clutter.  The vivid wall color (semi-gloss and flat paint stripes) may be too bold for your taste, but a deep color adds a lot of pizzazz to a small room.

 Myth – Light colored walls make a room appear larger. 

 Fact – Deep colors make the walls and corners recede.

We started by sorting the clutter and donated several boxes of “stuff” and tossed the “junk.”  We created project zones in the basement for the remaining items.  

We moved the client’s buffet to another room to make room for this inherited piece.

We borrowed the embroidered pillows from the great room for the King’s Chairs.  Salmon colored blinds were replaced with new curtain rods, valance and beaded panels (on sale at JCPenney).  

Don’t be afraid to add a little bit of glam! 

We shopped around the house for artwork and accessories to bring it all together.  The gold candles play off the gold in the artwork and the crystal pops against the dramatic wall color.  

The client only inherited two dark wood chairs, so we placed them at opposite ends of the table and moved the King’s chairs to the corners.  A lace tablecloth disguises the blonde wood dining table.

Your furniture doesn’t have to match – mix it up for more interest or camouflage incompatible stains. 

This china cabinet is another piece of inherited furniture.  We displayed antique glassware (which was hiding in a kitchen cabinet) and borrowed ‘treasures’ from other rooms. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune to update the lighting – the new chandelier replaced a dated brass fixture (Menards – $129.00). 

If you can’t afford to replace the lighting, you can update the finish with a can of spray paint.

Sometimes the little details bring it all together.  This carved wood corner shelf compliments the carved wood shelf across the room.

  In summary: 

• Sort through your clutter and donate items you no longer use or value;

• Re-locate furniture, artwork and accessories to different rooms;

• Group collections together;

• Edit your artwork and accessories to avoid a cluttered look;

• Avoid keeping items you no longer love – even if you still feel the sticker shock.

Above all, keep it simple.  Your home should be your haven, give it some breathing room.

For additional ideas, visit me on FaceBook at www.facebook.com/SassySpaces

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Sometimes the little details bring it all together.  This carved wood corner shelf compliments the carved wood shelf across the room.


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